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Win $15  CVS Pharmacy Gift Card

Win $15 CVS Pharmacy Gift Card

Get delicious snacks at a CVS Pharmacy

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Do you have an upcoming trip or are you planning a weekend picnic/beach day? If so, your CVS Pharmacy has all of your snack needs covered. Choose from gummy candy, nuts, chips and more. Your CVS Pharmacy also has a great deal of healthy snack items, including raisins, sunflower seeds and protein bars. Your CVS Pharmacy is the perfect place to go for those last minute snack items as well. This free sweepstakes will be over before you run out of snacks, so get your entry in. Check back tomorrow for another great deal. Sweep On!


- All of the best snacks in one place
- Get your healthy snack fix on at a CVS Pharmacy
- Aisles of snacks to feed your snack cravings
- The perfect place to pick up last minute snacks
- Get your snack on any time of day

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